Macao Imperial Tea was founded in 2017, originated in the Las Vegas of Asia, Macao. It takes a deeply rooted approach that highlights a mix of the rich Macanese culture and a personalized experiences. The ingredients are sourced directly from Macao to give their beverage an authentic taste while maintaining the highest quality. And with consistent quality delivery of it products in terms of milk-tea/bubble-tea, it is one of the fastest growing milk-tea shops with over 350 branches in Macao, Vietnam, China, United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai and Canada.

With our milk-tea products prepared right in store, Macao continues to follow tradition, but Continuous development and innovation of tea beverages has always been a part of the company culture in order to serve the best bubble teas to the customer and be a leading brand in fresh-brewed drinks industry,

Macao imperial not only provides recognized brand name, but our expanding menu, intensive training and full support. And with the vision to become one of the greatest franchises in Canada. Be a part of the most successful bubble tea store in the world so you can achieve your franchising dreams with exceptional customer service and a friendly smile!

Now is the time to serve good milk-tea together with Macao franchise. With milk-tea & tea drink variants that will tickle everyone’s taste buds until the end of time.

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